Are you interested in starting a newsletter or a podcast but want a little technical support? Do you have a creative fundraising strategy that could use an outsider’s perspective? Do you want some feedback on a new media venture or your pitching strategy? Maybe I can help.

Email me: lizardletter [at] gmail [dot] com

Rent my brain by the hour or by the day! I’ve worked behind the scenes with nonprofits, technology startups, law offices, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to share my expertise. Here are some of the people who might want to rent my brain:

  • Another South Texan creative looking to collaborate with and learn from other local artists
  • A progressive nonprofit looking for fundraising and communications support
  • A newsletter founder searching for a web designer to create their new website
  • A social-media startup targeting LGBTQ+ and BIPOC communities
  • A blogger trying to figure out her next steps for audience growth
  • A recent college graduate looking for some guidance and resume clean up
  • YOU!

Rent My Brain model of freelance consulting adapted from

Ann Friedman

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